Service Technician

Bakersfield, CA

The Technician Position has a Pay Scale consisting of the following elements and ranges. Wages include Base Hourly Compensation of between $16.00 and $25.00. The position also may pay a production bonus based on individual or team performance that may range from $0.00 (if baseline benchmarks are not met) without any fixed upper limit.

Position Purpose

The Service Technician is responsible for the proper diagnosis and repair of customer and dealership vehicles and the completion of assigned repair orders in an effective and competent manner according to manufacturer standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Possess thorough knowledge and understanding of all phases of the job.
  • Performs diagnosis and repair of assigned vehicle upon presentation of a valid repair order.
  • Visually inspect each vehicle serviced to ensure that any needed services or repairs will be discovered.
  • Prepare and present accurate repair estimates to customers.
  • Perform quality work; complete all details of the task or project being careful not to leave any “loose ends”.
  • Communicate with advisor to explain the diagnosis and subsequent repairs required. Provide relevant and timely information to management, co-workers, subordinates and clients.
  • Install only those parts described in repair order and return all warranty parts to Parts Department and dispose of used parts as directed.
  • Complete all work according to the applicable safety requirements and published procedures.
  • Ability to understand problems and/or problem situations and make timely and practical decisions; getting management involved as needed.  Ability to follow detailed instruction with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to respond to clients, co-workers, both internal and external staff in a prompt and courteous manner. Display a willingness to help others accomplish their objectives.
  • Ability to embrace change; ability to adapt to necessary changes and constantly strive to improve.
  • Return all special tools and equipment to their proper storage areas after using and return un-used parts to the Parts Department.
  • Responsible to maintain personal tools and special tools.
  • Provide any administrative assistance necessary to complete warranty repair orders and other tasks as assigned by management.
  • Review the technical bulletins and other publications as assigned by management.
  • Effective time management; schedule work to maximize productivity and avoid wasting time; prioritize daily repairs and tasks. 
  • Follow assigned work schedule and arrive at work before your scheduled start time and be at your work station productively engaged by the scheduled time.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and disposition at all times.
  • Complies with all safety rules and use all appropriate safety and personal protection equipment as required.
  • Complies and cooperates with established company policies, procedures, and rules.
  • Follow established dress code policy at all times.
  • Safeguard customer and Dealer information per established policy.
  • Exemplifies organizational culture and holds others in department accountable for doing the same.
  • Accomplishes all current and future tasks as appropriately assigned or requested.
  • Other related duties as may be assigned.